Monday, 10 August 2015

The versatile blogger award!

Firstly I would like to say a big thanks to Anaelle over on weekly must haves and Christine at wandering through life both are great blogs and definitely worth a read. I really didn't expect to get nominated by 2 people in the same week it was such a coincidence.

The rules to the versatile blogger award:
  • Thank the person/ people who have nominated you for the award and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 blogs/ bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow for the award
  • Tell the person who nominated you for the award 7 facts/ things about yourself.
 So here we go...
  1. I laugh all the time- I find everything funny. Sometimes when im eating dinner or watching tv ill random think of something that happened in the past that was funny and sit there crying my eyes out laughing... on my own.... like a nutter.
  2. I love to draw- I barely ever find time to draw as it takes me ages to finish all the small details and then I get distracted. But... when I do get the time I love it!
  3. I have no idea what I want to do in the future- I honestly feel like I would be happy doing any job. At the moment there's a list of about 10 jobs I would love to do including a journalist, working for the rspca and a teacher.
  4. College- So at college I study all the nerdy subjects such as maths and English and I kind of take college really seriously mainly because I don't want resit tests. I should get my results for my most recent tests this week and I've never been so nervous... I think ill have to resit haha.
  5. If I could I would marry Johnny Depp- I love Johnny Depp especially the character he plays in pirates of the Caribbean and to think of it, its probably him as a pirate that I would rather marry
  6. I love animals- When im an old woman ill probably end up being one of them extreme animal hoarders you see on TV... no joke
  7. Travel- I would love to travel the world but instead of doing it all at once I would love to go somewhere new every year. So you will still see me skydiving by the time im 80.
 I nominate:
Sooo... im going to do the lazy thing and nominate any blogger reading this because.. im lazy. Im not going to lie I've been doing this post for what feels like 6 years and I just wanted to publish it. Sorry about the laziness.

Courtney x

Friday, 7 August 2015

Essie: forever yummy

This is a true classic nail colour and is always my go to safe colour when I can't be bothered to be overly adventurous with my nails. I couldn't think of a better red for nails if I tried its the perfect balance of dark yet light (even though that makes no sense ahah.) Forever yummy looks gorgeous on toes though I didn't want to post a picture of my toes as that's just to weird. I always find that red is an all year colour whether its winter or summer it looks great. You can even get away with just one coat with this colour... if your feeling lazy like me.
Courtney x

Monday, 3 August 2015

Netflix favourites

I've been watching a lot of Netflix recently since sixth form finished for the summer and I wanted to quickly share with you what I've been watching.
  1. Orange is the new black season 3- season 3 started of slow but near the end its got so much better. I love new characters such as Ruby Rose adding something fresh to the series.
  2. If you read my previous random addictions post then you will know that im in love the vampire diaries and im still re-watching the whole series I just cant get enough.
  3. The originals- This is a spin off series of the vampire diaries where it totally focuses on the "originals". Its a great series and Netflix have recently added the second season. The originals is just as great as The vampire diaries.
These are films I've watched recently on Netflix that I've loved
  1. Chalet girl- So this isn't technically a new watch as I've watched this film before but I recently watched it and loved it. Its a great balance of humour and romance.
  2. Walking on sunshine- like chalet girl this film also had the perfect balance of humour and romance. I also loved the cheesy singing scenes which took up the majority of the film.
  3. Finally is Jackass 3- Id previously watched all of the Jackass films just not this one. I think this is my favourite out of the jackass films though al of them have me in stitches.
As a Netflix lover im always on it and so I would love any suggestions to keep my Netflix love going.

Courtney x

Friday, 31 July 2015

Belly button piercings: yes or no?

Firstly I would just like to add that I have my belly button pierced and im torn between loving it and hating it. I've had my belly button pierced for about a year now and I would like to share with you the pros and cons to getting yours pierced.
Pros: So lets start with the good things about having a belly button piercing.
  1. It looks pretty- this is a pretty obvious point to make since it is probably the main reason why anyone would get there belly pierced including me.
  2. makes your stomach look fun- that might sound strange but its like an earring it makes your ear look more interesting just like a belly bar would.
Cons: Be ready for a long list of cons haha
  1. It takes forever to heal- most creditable piercers will say that it takes 6-8 weeks for the piercing to heal. However I think its safe to say that it takes longer then that considering a year down the line mine is still not fully healed.
  2. The high waisted jeans pain- Im a big lover of high waisted jeans from topshop but every time I wear them they rub against the piercing making it hurt. The pain is decreasing now but its still so awkward to sit down with them on. (sometimes I have to undo the button when I sit down but then I forget I've done it and end up walking around with my jeans undone... very embarrassing)
  3. High risk of infection- This is the unglamorous side of piercings and that is that its very likely that your piercing will get infected. Mine hasn't ever been infected but did show signs of redness and swelling. A lot of people belly piercings do get infected and so if your considering the piercing then make sure to clean it with a lot of salt water. 
  4. Its barely ever visible- Your belly piercing will only be shown for about 20% of the year in summer so is the pain really worth the 20% on holiday?
Well that's my opinion on belly piercings and despite loving my piercing I happen to also hate it with a vengeance. I have a lot of mixed emotions it just confuses me. Make sure you take all the points I've made into consideration before getting your belly pierced.

Courtney x

Monday, 27 July 2015

The best mascara?

Recently a lot of youtubers and bloggers have been raving about the Mabelline lash sensational mascara. The mascara is ok but a lot of people have been ignoring the real best mascara..... mabelline mega plush volume express. I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I have bought this mascara it must be over 10 times. I love it. In comparison to the lash sensational I feel that brush has larger brush strokes meaning you can get deeper on the lash creating a fuller look. The length that the mascara provides is amazing and doesn't result in much clumping. I feel that the lash sensational is great but not the best. I tend to use the lash sensational on my lower eyelashes as its good for an even, light spread on smaller lashes.
Courtney x

Current addictions: Random

Disclaimer: Just as a pre-warning this blog post includes extremely random topics but they all have one thing in common and that is the fact that I am completely obsessed with them. This is going to be a strange post but oh well hope you enjoy.
Okay, to start of the randomness we have coco pops. Every day when I wake up I have to have a bowl of coco pops. I don't know about anyone else but I will go months eating the same cereal every morning, I just cant commit to a different type haha.
Similar to coco pops apple juice is my morning addiction. Without a glass of apple juice in the morning my breakfast isn't complete.
 So moving on from the strange food addictions im obviously addicted to Netflix. Obviously, its a blogger cliché. But my real addiction is The vampire diaries. I cant stop watching it I've already watched every possible episode now im re-watching and after that ill probably re-watch the re-watching's... if that makes sense. Nina Dobrev is my woman crush she is just gorgeous!

 Last but no means least in this random list of current addictions is Topgear. I find this show absolutely hilarious and so when I found out it wasn't continuing with the original cast I was so upset as they work so well together I couldn't imagine Topgear being the same without them all together.
I hope you enjoyed this extremely random post but I thought I would share some of my current addictions and some of my addictions aren't necessarily normal but I still love them.

Courtney x

Saturday, 25 July 2015

July album favourite: Shawn Mendes

Im obsessed. This album is amazing its such a lovely album. I downloaded the normal version of the album (not the deluxe) from iTunes and it cost me £6.99 and it was the best £6.99 I've ever spent. My favourite songs on the album are Stiches and life of the party but I also love his collab with Astrid called air. All the songs are beautifully written with great lyrics especially in life of the party. The album was only released in April and was a great hit selling 106,000 copies in the first week. This album will be on repeat for the rest of the summer. By the way I cant believe this guy is only 16 and already so talented. You should definitely go and check this guy out.

Courtney x